12 Services A Financial Planner Should Provide

The 12 Services:

  1. Create a comprehensive Financial Plan for you based on your unique situation and your goals and dreams.
  2. Prepare an Investment Account Guidelines document at the beginning of the relationship stating the important terms of service.
  3. Establish your Financial Independence number (the amount you need to save to be financially independent).
  4. Establish a plan to reach your Financial Independence number.
  5. Review this plan with you at least one or twice a year to ensure you are on track and to assist with making any required adjustments.
  6. Establish an investment plan which includes using the appropriate plan types to allow for maximum after-tax returns.
  7. Review the investment plan with you at least one or twice a year to compare the actual return of the investment plan against the stated objectives outlined in the
  8. Establish a long-term goal return and the agreed upon benchmark returns.
  9. Review your insurance plans at least one per year to ensure you are financially well protected in the event of death, disability, illness or incapacity.
  10. Review your estate plan at least once per year to ensure that in the event of your death that there is a plan for the transfer of your estate in a well-planned manner with as minimal tax consequences as possible and that your estate goes to those you desire.
  11. Provide throughout each year opportunities for you to increase your financial awareness. The ongoing opportunity for open discussion of anything that may have a financial impact for you going forward. The Financial Planner should be someone you can discuss your financial and non-financial plans with so that your actual financial plan is always in alignment with your goals and dreams.
  12. Ongoing proactive assistance when new plans, products or strategies are introduced that may benefit you and your family.


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