Net Return Portfolios

The primary focus of each Planwell Net Return Portfolio is to provide the best return net of fees possible for the level of risk. Today there is such a focus on low fees which we agree is important, however not at the sacrifice of a good return. Too often we see low fee investments also producing low returns. We are willing to pay a bit more of a fee if it is rewarded by a superior net return. This is just good investing.

With the exception of our laddered GIC portfolios each of the Planwell Net Return Portfolios is modeled after leading pension style investing which incorporates the use of alternative investments and real estate. We just have to look at our own Canada Pension Plan and the Ontario Teacher’s pension plans to see how these exceptionally well-run pensions are being managed. Alternative investments and real estate form significant investments in each of these pensions.

The Planwell Net Return Portfolios are structured to provide above average returns with less volatility over the long term. By using alternative investments, private equity, real estate and infrastructure investments this provides more non-correlated investments to the traditional equity and fixed income markets thereby allowing for a smoother and more predictable return. We have been using alternative investments and real estate related investments in our portfolios for many years with excellent results.

For the core of our portfolio we leverage off the years of experience of our team of analysts at IA Securities who are constantly researching the best managed money solutions in the industry from both mutual funds and ETFs. Out of their recommended investments we then narrow this down further based on our process of selecting only those investments with superior long term returns and lower volatility. Then we add some of the industries best alternative investments to create our enhanced portfolios.

We have eight Planwell Net Return Portfolios that range from very conservative to an all equity portfolio. Our Planwell Laddered Portfolio is very conservative and provides a very secured return and has no additional management fees (i.e. 0% MER).

Each of the Planwell Net Return Portfolios are available on either our Fee-Based platform or our Embedded Fee platform.

We call them the Net Return portfolios since we are most interested in the net return after fees. Simply choosing low cost investments is not the answer just as chasing high returns is not the answer.

The Planwell portfolios are designed following pension style asset allocation methods and incorporate core equity and fixed income holdings along with alternative investments, private equity, real estate and infrastructure investments.

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