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What We Offer

We believe financial education is important and also difficult for people to find in a way that is practical and applicable for them. We have developed a series of seminars that are perfect for groups of people whether it is a work group, a group of friends, an association group or really any group of 6 or more people that would like to learn about various aspects of financial planning.

Each of the courses listed below can be tailored to your specific group to maximize the usefulness of the information to you.

The 3-part Planwell Wealth Builder series is a comprehensive financial planning course which will assist participants in understanding the most significant aspects everyone should know about financial planning and strategies that can be used to maximize each person’s financial situation. This course is ideal for anyone interested in learning about the four segments of financial planning; Wealth Accumulation, Wealth Maximization, Wealth Protection and ultimately Wealth Transfer.

The Introductory Planwell Wealth Builder course is a one-hour course that will cover some of the main ideas and concepts of how to build wealth which will be very useful for everyone to learn. It is a great segue into the full 3-part Planwell Wealth Builder course. It could be the most profitable one-hour you invest.

So, whether you are an employee that would like to learn about building wealth, or am employer wanting to provide this valuable information to your employees as a benefit, or a member of a group, contact us to arrange a presentation. Presentations can be arranged either at your venue or at our office location.

One Hour (Lunch & Learn) Introductory Planwell Wealth Builder Seminar

  • Learn the proven principles of building wealth and how to practically implement a plan to begin building more wealth.
  • Learn how to free up more to save
  • Learn where the wealth is in Canada and how to participate
  • Learn the best ways to build equity and how to protect what you have

Planwell Wealth Builder 1 (2 hours)

  • How it is possible for most people to accumulate significant wealth
  • How wealth is accumulated
  • How much wealth is needed
  • Ways to accelerate the accumulation of wealth
  • Where and how to build your wealth easily
  • Ways to protect what you have
  • The importance of a plan and how to stick with it.

Planwell Wealth Builder 2 (2 hours)

  • Investment Plan Types and Uses
  • Tax efficient use of plans to maximize wealth building
  • Investment Cycles
  • Market matters
  • Investment Outlooks
  • Financial Planning Services
  • Keeping track of your success

Planwell Wealth Builder 3 (2 hours)

  • The importance of protecting your wealth as it grows
  • How insurance can be important
  • Segregated Funds
  • Trusts
  • Risk levels and investments
  • Wealth building strategies:
  • Timely RRSP withdrawals
  • Property Tax deferral with TFSA
  • Pension maximization with insurance
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Flow Throughs
  • Insurance donations
  • The estate plan (and funeral planning)

Planwell – Retirement and Pension Planning Seminar

Planwell – Estate Planning Seminar

Planwell – Tax Planning Seminar

For information on the one-hour seminars available through CPA Canada please refer to the CPA Financial Literacy Program Overview brochure which provides information on each of the courses currently available. Contact David Booth for more information on these courses.


Please send us an email indicating which courses you are interested in attending and we will contact you with more information:

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David Booth is also a registered presenter for the CPA Canada Financial Literacy program, which is offered across Canada. The Financial Literacy program has about 40 1-hour seminars that are available. Some of are lead by David and others are coordinated by other CPAs that specialize in other areas.

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